On the morning of Shane & Tara’s Pre Wed shoot it looked gloomy. Raining on and off and dark skies. We nearly postponed but decided to give it a whirl. Luckily the sun came out for us and Temple Newsham looked fantasic. The flowers were in full bloom. About 5 minutes into the shoot we heard a loud thud just about a metre from where we were shooting. It was a CROW! Fallen from the sky. Pretty lucky it didn’t hit one of us actually. The second time the sun had shone on us that day! Shane and Tara were a pleasure to shoot, a lovely couple and I am really exciting to be photographing their wedding in June. Can’t wait. Here are some images from the session. (along with a dying crow that fell from the sky. And so its not all animal doom and gloom i’ve included a pic from the end of the shoot too. Some ducklings. All say Awww)…..